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Engineering “The greatest Scam”

More than 15 Lakh Engineer graduate every year in India, among them only 17% land jobs in their technical domain. Most of the engineers remain jobless every year. The biggest culprit is our higher education system.

Before College admission every college promises you the best education you will be getting after joining them & they also provide 100% placement but as a matter of fact neither you will get good education nor proper placement as promised by our engineering college.

I am also a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2018 from VTU, India. On average we spend around 9.5 Lakh in our engineering time. The biggest drawback is that we did not get the value of our money. Now it seems that our 4 years engineering time has been engulfed by our education system.

Some of the major drawbacks of our education system are that we lack practical approach to our education, most of the professors teaching engineering students are not technically sound, and Unnecessary emphasis is given to the exams rather than the Courses topic. Also if your semester fees are not cleared then the college forces you not to take the exam.

After passing my engineering I remained jobless for 1.5 years. I sent my CV to almost 500 companies, every company has one common question which is what is your experience, most of them rejected me over my experience. After I got my job I got a salary of 12.5K INR. My parents were shocked as they spend a lot of money on my education after they heard about the salary of my first job. We were also bullied by our neighbors because of our salary.

I don’t want to discourage anyone but this is my and my friend’s personal experience. I think the education system has to upgrade in every sector from emphasizing practical education to replacing good professors. Also, 4 years courses need to be revised, as we don’t need to spend our time reading unnecessary content.

My suggestion to the upcoming engineering students is, to think many times that where you want to reach in your life, and if the engineering course is aligned with your vision then only move forward for higher studies. I don’t think you need college to upgrade your skills as nowadays every content is available on the internet.

I don’t mean that in these four years of an engineering degree, you will not be learning anything, you will learn to handle the pressure, lots of engineering concepts & tools, and also to bunk the classes but you will not be getting the value of your time and money you will be investing.

We have been shown great dreams by our education system before joining engineering college but after completion, most of the dreams shatter due to the consequences we see. Who is responsible for that, also our valuable time, energy and money have been looted by our college. The government must take strict action against such kind of robbery. The education system should feel shame for such kind of misleading carrier.

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