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Engineering Life

When I was a child, studying engineering was a dream. After I completed  12th grade, I shared with my father about my interest in studying engineering. Quite frankly I was not expecting my father will sponsor my engineering study. But to my surprise he supported me and gave an assurance, you have chosen the right degree. That gave me the inner inspiration to do good in my life.

The first incident in the engineering college that took place was during my admission. I studied in Bangalore at VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University), I didn’t know that engineering admission was done through the broker. The broker during my engineering admission looted around one lakh. I was very depressed for a year but during that time my parents stood behind me.

The second surprise was the teachers and the environment, almost every teacher teaching in my engineering college was less qualified to teach as they were not cleared about the syllabus. So due to that the classes were very boring. Also, the college studying environment was not so good, everyone was feared of exams.

The third experience was mass bunk. During the first & Second years, mass bunking was very minimal but in the third and final years, we mass bunked a lot. Our teachers were frustrated by our behaviors. All the mass bunks were due to the boring lectures.

The fourth incident was that most of the engineer’s life revolves around exams, porn, smoking, alcohol & girls. Most of my friends were huge drunkards, they use to drink, smoke & prepare for exams. Also, we use to consume a lot of pron videos. Most of our time was consumed by our terminal, semester, and practical exams.

The fifth incident was that most of the engineers start to prepare for the exam during a month of holiday period before the final semester exams. As the exams were more nearer, the more serious we use to get. Before the night of the exam, we read in the group to get help from each other. However, the exam was we at least use to pass that and do a lot of parties.

The sixth incident was, we were threatened by our teachers for our internal marks. We can’t get into any argument with our teachers due to these reasons. Our teachers think that they were always right although they were not clear about the syllabus concept.

The seventh incident was of college placement. Most of my friends seat in the college placement, among them most of them were rejected and those who were selected were offered a very less salary. From that, I understood that getting the first job is challenging.

Overall engineering life was full of enjoyment, tension & Pressure. We enjoyed our life for four years but at the high cost paid by our parents. The days we will never forget in our entire life and remember that time and cry also & laugh also.

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