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Netflix gets Legal Notice

Madhuri dixit and big bang theory

Netflix is going viral for its popular show The Big Band Theory of the second episode of the first Season. The Legal notice has been sent to the OTT giant for one of its dialogues concerning Madhuri Dixit & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Political analyst Mithun Vijay Kumar has sent a legal notice to Netflix stating, … Read more

Engineering Life


When I was a child, studying engineering was a dream. After I completed  12th grade, I shared with my father about my interest in studying engineering. Quite frankly I was not expecting my father will sponsor my engineering study. But to my surprise he supported me and gave an assurance, you have chosen the right … Read more

Engineering “The greatest Scam”


More than 15 Lakh Engineer graduate every year in India, among them only 17% land jobs in their technical domain. Most of the engineers remain jobless every year. The biggest culprit is our higher education system. Before College admission every college promises you the best education you will be getting after joining them & they … Read more